Human, cool, atypical, dynamic, beautiful, offbeat, unique, lively, unusual, bubbly ou sparkling, expressive, rare, precious, incomparable, wonderful, incredible, amazing, dazzling, different...


All different, all singular, all unique...

Everything has a beauty, but not everyone can see it.

Beauty is by the physical appearance, the attitude, the aptitude and also by the character that the person releases, which makes a whole.

Our goal is to propose these beauty codes and show that it goes far beyond.

Behind the camera we want to show just how beautiful some people can be because.

No pretense, they all have a playful spirit that we want to explore and show off. 


THECASTING detects new talents, newfaces and especially personalities in any place or even any social horizon.

THE casting is purely human!


We believe in the physical beauty of the person as much as his beauty unobstructed by his attitude and character.

We want to break the codes of beauty by bigger personalities.


With an experience in the visual environment, the casting is on the lookout for the emerging beauty that so many others continue to ignore.


We put priority on the well-being of our talents and we commit ourselves to accompany their motivation to the maximum, prioritizing schooling.


In our ideal, in our talents and in our synergy of ideas: We are there for each other to go even further together! We create a privileged bond built on trust and respect. Our community is pleased to receive people who are always more original and atypical. The team brings novelty on each of the projects.


Identify new faces, identify people who are different from others. In search of new faces, it is the added value of the person who counts. Among an exhaustive selection of personalities we will bring you new criteria of beauty that will allow you to differentiate yourself, be in phase and build with your brand identity.