THECASTING Agency undertakes to establish a written agreement, in accordance with the law, between the agency and the talent, stipulating the relations between the parties and the conditions under which the benefits will be performed.

THECASTING agency is committed to doing everything possible to maximize the individual interests of each talent and maximize their personal potential.

THECASTING agency is committed to a maximum of transparency towards talent and will provide maximum information in order to enlighten the talent in its professional life.

THECASTING agency is committed to being vigilant about the well-being of talent. The Agency undertakes to inform to the maximum of its possibilities the talent in the tax understanding of its status and to direct it, if necessary, to the persons and/or competent authorities.

THECASTING agency does not sell book or charge a registration fee.

If the talent is minor, the agency will refer the commitments described above to the parents or legal guardians.